You know that garage door needs fixing, but your kitchen is an absolute eyesore. When it comes time to sell, which one do you your limited budget on and which one do you hope doesn’t make too much difference to your buyers? When it comes down to it, make sure you invest in the things with the best ROI. And that means …

Kitchens. People spend so much time in the kitchen nowadays that when prospective homebuyers walk into a house, it’s probably the first thing they want to check out. A modern kitchen with quartz or granite countertops and colored or hidden appliances are good investments these days, especially if your current kitchen is noticeably out of date.

Bathrooms. Just after kitchens, bathrooms can either leave the best or worst impression on buyers, again, especially if those 1970s colors come into play. If your bathroom has mustard yellow sinks, or worse, carpet, take the plunge and remodel that water closet ASAP.

Leaky roofs. Roofs on houses are like transmissions in cars. Nobody thinks about them until they go bad. Because when they go bad, they cost a lot of money. So if you have any leaks, anywhere, don’t think that a little bit of water staining here and there won’t get noticed. It will.